In Moments Like These ...

Nothing gives me more pleasure early of a morning
than to have coffee and a cranberry orange muffin at Panera Bread in Simpsonville, SC. Those who really know me... well, you know I always find a place to commune with the Lord first and then do my work. Always in this order and as orderly as I know how, for I can really become scatter-brained if allowed my own way. My thoughts are going at a prodigious rate of speed and I can hardly wait to write something. Something meaningful. This morning was just one of many, and I had no idea I was going to impact a life in such a dynamic way. Dynamic on my side of the equation. I was the winner here. I am the life that was changed. But I have reason to believe ...  actually, to know, that another life was at least affected. I'm happy about that.

I texted my dear friend, Bonnie. Every morning, I text my dear friend, Bonnie, as she does me! But this was a moment of remembrance and will always be. I will not tell you her side of the story, but therein lies my blessing.

"I'm in the Acts for awhile, having read all the Epistles over the past months. Was there ever a man made of the dust of the earth, as are we, as amazing as Stephen?
It is past my understanding how he knew so much of the scriptures, this dear youthful disciple of Christ, in such a short period of an adult life—the most excellent apologist!
He laid it all out in Chapter 7.
In chronological order.
Glorious dissertation concerning Christ
through the ages past, before His birth properly in the genealogy ... I can visualize the incredible Deacon standing before the Council.

O, to have been present to hear the
Old Testament Survey, the
expounding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ—
but to have seen the Shekinah reflecting on his face when
this first Christian martyr saw the One of whom he spoke ...
Not seated, but standing at the right hand of the Throne of God.
Read it. There is no mistake about it. Jesus was STANDING.
Tears for me! At Tabernacle, we used to STAND in awe of the preaching by God's man.
Not when someone told us to, but when the Holy Ghost nudged us at the heart.
Was Jesus STANDING ... ?
Was He applauding visibly so the angels could hear ... ?
Was He openly rejoicing at the incredible knowledge
and love flowing from the lips of His servant, Stephen
as He gently lifted him out of the rubble of stones cast
by the vicious religious ones who thought they were right?
Makes me want to STAND right here in Panera Simpsonville,
and the only thing preventing that is my disgusting pride.
However, I cannot stop the flow of tears.
Thank you, Jesus, for men of faith and grace like dear Stephen!
Yet 'His own received Him not.' O, the travesty!"

Jane Bennett Gaddy