The Colors of Winter

December 2011

Naked oaks
crunchy brown leaves
a deck of wood slats
and green moss on the north side of things.
A hint of yellow left
from a Fall that has said goodbye
and will not return for yet a little while.
A heavy wood gate.
A dog barks in the cold and gray.
Cottage bricks rounded and shaped
strong and old clinging together
with mortar from ages past.
Steps to the porch.
Cold window panes.
Doors ornate with Christmas wreaths.
Lighted trees glowing, reflecting.
Sweet ornaments with
last year's photographs of children's faces
framed in delicately knitted circles.
Red, green
The colors of Winter.
There's a welcome here.
Chimney smoke
the fragrance of wood burning.
Sparks on a hearth.
Holly Noel—the perfect Christmas name.
A good cup of coffee
the taste of caramel.
A verse for the day.
A quiet moment.
Joy divine.
To lean, depend.
Mercy drops and
Grace in abundance.
And the coveted Gift of Hospitality
freely shared.

What more could a great-grandmother desire?

Jane Bennett Gaddy
Trinity, FL